Carla Keast Landscape Designer

Carla Keast has a Master of Landscape Architecture and is a Winnipeg based freelance landscape designer.

"My garden is too... small, big, shady, sunny, wet, dry, flat, steep, old, flowery, fussy, boring..." and sometimes that's not even the worst of it! Good design acknowledges and resolves these 'problems' and then goes beyond that to add some lustre and excitement to the garden.

Specializing in all aspects of residential landscape design, my plans reflect my clients needs and expectations, as well as the unique conditions of their properties. All of my designs are one of a kind and each plan is developed to reflect the client's wants, needs, and dreams for their green space.

Large lot, medium yard, small courtyard, balcony, or filling pots—whatever your landscape design needs are, I will create functional, aesthetically pleasing design solutions.

Many of my clients request low maintenance garden plans and I am happy to offer that to them. As much as I love gardening myself, I don't always have lots of time for gardening, but I still want my yard to look as cherished and valued as it truly is—so I well understand the request for a low maintenance garden.

Some of my clients though, are gardeners—they not only love gardening, they make the time for it. It's equally pleasurable to plan a gardener's garden, and know it'll be carefully tended and maybe even pampered.

I am also a garden writer. You can read my column 'Around the Yard' in Canstar's Winnipeg weeklies.