Carla Keast Landscape Designer

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Customer Quotes

"Carla is a great listener and excellent communicator. She demystifies the landscaping process and provides great ideas and wonderful plans using language and drawings that make sense to the layperson. And as importantly, she keeps her commitments, arrives on time and delivers to schedule."

Katherine Devine and George Andrich

"A friend, who is an experienced gardener, recommended Carla. She told me that Carla had just completed a winter garden that was amazing!

Our home was going through extensive renovations inside and out at our first meeting. With a sketch of the finished look of the house and some information from us (type of gardeners we were, plants and trees that we like etc.), Carla was able to develop a complete design including perennials, trees, structures and pathways that was bang on! It was as if she read our mind and then perfected a finished plan that is stunning in both summer and winter! The end product of house and landscape design truly complement each other and we are always getting complements from passerby.

Carla has a passion for her work. She listened to our needs and wants, and used her professional and technical expertise to create a truly unique design. She was able to visualize down to the smallest detail, even with our house under renovations, how the whole project was going to come together.

I would not hesitate to recommend Carla to anyone. She will take your yard, however big or small, and turn it into a dream come true!"

Liz and Barry Clark

"Despite my condominium's restrictions on apartment balcony use, Carla suggested many possibilities for enhancing the look of mine. Our consultations were productive and I especially appreciated her suggestion of planting perennials in insulated pots. Thanks to her meticulous planning and guidance, my bleak balcony has become a garden which delights me from spring to fall, and even has eye appeal during winter.

I was impressed with Carla's hands-on approach to the implementation of her design and her interest which extended beyond the completion of the project."

Joan Newton

"Carla did a stunning job of our backyard, working with many constraints. Our backyard is very small (just 30 x 30) and had been neglected for years at the point that we bought the property. We need to plug in our car in the backyard during the winter but were emphatic that our garden should not look like a parking lot during the rest of the year. We also wanted lots of colour, four-season colour and texture, and lots of focus and interest in the garden itself, since we have no borrowed views.

Carla spent hours listening to what we wanted, watching our yard at different times of the day over several months, and describing in detail a wide range of options. Of her draft designs, we chose one that creates a clever parking pad disguised as a patio, maximizes a range of angles that exponentially increase the visual size of the yard, and includes a wide variety of easy-to-care-for plants and shrubs and trees. The result is stunning: we now enjoy our yard year-round and spend hours outside, including on our sheltered deck savouring the views, the vegetation, and all the butterflies and birds -- including the hummingbirds -- that the garden attracts.

Carla's professional knowledge is impressively extensive, her attention to detail reassuring, and her design skills exquisite: she helped us create a backyard haven where we reconnect with our own creativity. We would recommend her without hesitation."

Kathleen Venema and Gareth Neufeld

"We needed to do something with our back yard. We had read some articles on winter gardens and thought this was what we wanted to try. When Carla came to see us, she listened to us and looked over our yard. She drew up a plan which would allow us to enjoy the view in the winter but one that would be beautiful all year round. We love the scene that unfolds through our dining room window as we go from season to season. Carla found beauty in our yard that we didn't know was there."

Dorothy and Harold Bell

"Carla transformed our backyard into a delightful oasis. We enjoy it from our deck or patio and also enjoy the views from inside our home. The paper birch clumps, tall waving grasses and Amur maples are some examples of the plantings that provide varied colours and textures. We are very pleased with Carla's design for the yard."

Jeannette Timmerman and Peter Loly