Carla Keast Landscape Designer

1970, Jan-

Mediterranean Flair

This medium sized garden had too much lawn and not near enough pizzazz. Stylish people themselves, the owners wanted a garden with a Mediterranean flair.

The lawn gave way to a large patio flanked with seat walls that give a stylish edge to the beds, and serve both as a resting place for drinks and plates, and as well as extra seating. The patio is comfortable yet easily accommodates the additional seating needed to host large parties. Its quiet colour downplays the size, while the circular inlay pattern adds stability and focus.

Planting is dense, and the colour pallet is limited greens and whites with a splash of red. The effect is quiet, yet vibrant.

No Mediterranean garden is complete without a place for rest in the shade. Tucked into the quiet, shady corner, is a hammock.


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