Carla Keast Landscape Designer


A Plan to Meet Your Needs

Basic Design Package

For the existing or new yard that needs a plan. We will have an onsite meeting to discuss your aspirations and expectations for the yard, to explore possibilities, and to conduct a site inventory. We meet a second time to discuss conceptual ideas, and firm up the design direction. The final plan is developed into the final drawing package, which consists of a master plan (a visual summary of the overall aims and rationale of the project), a layout plan (construction dimensions and notes), and a planting plan (including a complete list and location of the plants), and can be used by landscape contractors for quotes and construction.

Planting Bed Renewal

Plants get old and tired, and eventually need replacement. We will have an onsite meeting to discuss how to change up the plants and depending on the state of things, perhaps redefine the planting bed. What plants worked, which ones didn't? How can we freshen things up? A planting plan will be developed (including a complete list and location of the plants), with layout information if needed.

Onsite Consult

For the existing well developed yard that needs a little nudge to move it from all right to awesome. We meet for an hour and a half on site to discuss how to take your nearly-there yard up a notch.

The Balcony

If your balcony is your only outdoor space, it has to be amazing. We'll have an onsite meeting on your balcony to discuss your hopes, dreams, and lifestyle. I will provide a plan for you to follow, or I can provide the plan and do the complete plan installation.

The Nursery Visit

Hankering to fill some pots but don't know where to begin? I'll meet you at the nursery of your choice, and together we'll select the plants and/or pots that will suit you and your deck, patio, steps, balcony, whatever.

Selling Your House

Want an extra bit of curb appeal to help make that good first impression? I will provide suggestions for you to implement.